• SRC 2016/2017 Inauguration


Madam President, the Registrar, the Electoral Chair, the Dean of Students, members of the teaching and non teaching staff, outgoing and incoming SRC executives, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen.

On this glorious day, I Chioma Shallom Ndu was sworn in as the first female SRC President of Garden City University College. This is indeed an historic moment for our university and I am glad we all have finally seen this day.

I will like to say a very big thank you to God almighty for making this day a reality.

To the very students who elected me; both the skeptics and my outright supporters, I say thank you.

To the outgoing SRC administration, I say “Ayekoo” for a job well done. I seek to recognize your achievements and challenges and to improve upon your efforts for the betterment of the SRC.

I wish to thank the university authorities and the Dean of Students for the invaluable support and mentorship they have given past SRC administrations. I am certain I can count on your support throughout my tenure of office.

Now, to the incoming SRC executives, I say congratulations. I will also like to thank them for the commitment and dedication they have shown so far.

I admonish them to remain humble and to hold dear the virtue of selfless service and tire less hard work in the pursuit of our collective goals.

I seek to use this opportunity to reinforce the several messages, themes, slogans and mantras used during my campaign. They will not remain mere messages for they will be made reality by virtue of hard work, transparency, accountability and effective leadership which will be characteristic features of my administration.

I, Chioma Shallom Ndu stand for change, I stand for progress and I stand for ACTION not words.

With God and you by our side, we will not disappoint the good people of Garden City University College.

Join me, let’s work together to push the SRC forward.

Once again, I say thank you, medaase, da’lu, merci

Long live GCUC

Long live the SRC

Long live our motherland Ghana.


Chioma Shallom Ndu

SRC President