• SRC 2016/2017 Inauguration



·         PREAMBLE


In The Name Of the Supreme Being God Most High


To set high standards for society, be it spiritual, moral, political, social, economic or intellectual for the worthy emulation of the present and succeeding Executive and student body of Garden City University College, Kenyase-Kumasi (hereafter referred to as the University College).


-          To establish a student government to promote, uphold, and apply the principles of probity, accountability, honesty, fairness, and firmness in public and private life. In pursuance of these values, and for the promotion of the integrity and good image of the University College, and to ensure the welfare and protect the interests of its students, we the students hereby adopt and enact this Constitution on this ………..day of ……….. 2007 as the fundamental law according to which the student shall be governed.


This document shall be the supreme law of the Executive and the student body of the University College, subject to the supremacy of the 1992 Constitution, Acts and Laws of Ghana, and the Statutes and regulations in the Student Handbook of the University College.

Any rules, regulations or actions that contravene or contradict provisions of this document, other than the 1992 Constitution, Acts and Laws of the Republic of Ghana, the Statutes, and Student Handbook of Laws of the Republic of Ghana, the Student Handbook of the University College, shall be declared ultra vies and null and void.




The student representative body shall be formally known and called the Students Representative Council of Garden City University College (hereafter referred to as the SRC).


i.                    To be the sole and recognized mouthpiece in official and legitimate transactions affecting the study body.

ii.                  To promote the general welfare and interests of the student body in accordance with the provisions of the Statutes, the Student Handbook decisions of the Academic Board, the University College Council and the Laws of Ghana.

iii.                To co-operate with recognized local and international student organizations to promote and protect student welfare at national and international levels.

iv.                To promote and maintain a conducive academic environment for students to pursue their studies.

v.                  To encourage the organization of seminars, workshops, debates and other social and academic activities by hostels, faculties, and registered societies of the University College.

vi.                To maintain regular contact with alumni for exchange of ideas and for the development of the University College

vii.              To formulate rules and regulations as will promote cordial relationships between students or groups of students. Such rules and regulations shall not infringe on the human rights of individual students or group of students, and shall not discriminate on grounds of gender, religion, ethnic origin, political affiliation or programme of study.

viii.            To nominate student representatives to serve on University Council, appropriate boards and committees to represent student interests.

ix.                In pursuance of these objectives, the SRC shall co-operate with the University College authorities and other appropriate bodies.


i.                    Members of the Central Committee

ii.                  The Presidents of the respective Hostels/Halls.

iii.                One Representative each from the Welfare, Entertainment, and Sports Committee.

iv.                Representatives from each of the following:

a)      School of Business

b)      School of Information and Communication Technology

c)      School of Nursing

d)     Professional Development Programme

e)      Any future programmes established by the University College


i.                    President

ii.                  Vice President

iii.                General Secretary

iv.                Financial Secretary

v.                  Treasurer

vi.                Women’s Commissioner

vii.              Publicity Officer

viii.            Entertainment Secretary

ix.                Hostel/ Hall Presidents

x.                  Welfare Officer

xi.                Games and Sports Secretary

xii.              School/Faculty Representatives

xiii.            PUSAG/USAG/NUGS Representative


i.                    THE PRESIDENT:

a)      He/ she shall be the leader and chief spokesperson in all matters affecting the student body.

b)      He/ she shall preside over meetings of the general student body, the Council and the Central Committee

c)      Unless otherwise stated in the Constitution, he shall nominate Chairpersons of SRC committees subject to approval by the Members of the relevant committees.

ii.                  THE VICE-PRESIDENT:

a)      He shall be in charge of the general supervision of student activities by coordinating the activities of the various committees of the SRC

b)      He shall perform all other functions assigned to him by the SRC

c)      In the absence of the President, his inability, or disqualification to act, the President as stated in article 6 (i) shall devolve upon the Vice-President.


iii.                THE GENERAL SECRETARY:

a)      He shall under the directive of the President, summon meetings and also state the agenda.

b)      He shall call emergency meetings at the instance of one-third of members of the SRC signing a petition to that effect. The petition shall state the agenda for the meeting, and the meeting shall be held within three days on the receipt of the petition.

c)      He shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the SRC office, and shall have custody of the documents of the SRC.

d)     She shall take minutes at all meetings of Council, Central Committee, and the general student body.

e)      She shall be responsible for all official correspondence of the SRC, unless otherwise directed by Council.

f)       He shall deputize for the Treasurer in his absence, inability, or disqualification to act.

g)      He shall perform other duties assigned to him by the SRC president.

iv.                THE FINANCIAL SECRETARY

a.       The financial secretary must be a student with a good accounting background.

b.      He shall prepare and present budget of the SRC to the council, administration and the student body.

c.       He shall prepare and submit an audited financial statement of the SRC at the end of each semester and submit to the council for consideration and approval in accordance with the companies the companies code Act 179 of 1963.

d.      Copies of the financial statement shall be lodged with the administration and tasted on all notice boards for comments of the general student body and appropriate action of the SRC.

e.       He shall be a signatory to all cheques and vouchers of the SRC.

v.                  THE TREASURER:

a.       The Treasurer must be a student with a good accounting background.

b.      He shall have custody of the cheques and cashbooks of all SRC committees, and keep all monies in the authorized bank account(s) of the SRC,

c.       He shall have responsibility for all financial transactions duly approved in writing by Council, the Judicial Committee, and the Finance Officer of the University College or his representative.

d.      For purposes of transparency, accountability and efficient management of SRC funds, the Treasurer shall ensure that all financial transaction of the SRC are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Financial and Stores Regulations of the College, and the Procurement Law of Ghana, Act 663 of 2003.

e.       He shall prepare and submit an audited financial statement of the SRC at the end of each semester, and submit it to Council for consideration and approval.

f.       The SRC shall establish a Procurement Committee to consider and approve proposals submitted by the treasurer for purchases before they are made.

vi.                PUBLICITY OFFICER:

a)      He shall be responsible for the publication of the official Newsletter and SRC handouts.

b)      He shall present estimates of the Editorial Board to the SRC for approval prior to any publication or activity

c)      He shall publicize the work, activities, and programmes of the SRC and decisions at General Council Meetings to the student body.

vii.              WOMEN’S COMMISSIONER:

The Women’s Commissioner shall, in consultation with the Central Committee appoint a Secretary and Treasurer for the Commission. They are not member of the SRC but shall be recognized.



a)      To empower female students intellectually to stand up for their human rights and fight against discriminatory and unfair practices against women.

b)      To inculcate in female students a sense of unity and active participation in student government and other campus activities.

c)      To organize social and academic programmes and social activities to sharpen the intellectual capacity of female students for solution of problems in general and problems related to female students and women.

d)     In view of the functions above, the Women’s Commissioner shall have the right to set up committees, subject to the approval of Council, to assist her in performing her functions.

viii.            WELFARE OFFICER:

a)      He shall be the Chairperson of the Welfare Committee

b)      He shall liaise between the SRC and the Welfare Committee

c)      He shall perform other duties assigned to him by the SRC and the Welfare Committee.


a)      He shall be responsible for the organization of SRC entertainment activities.

b)      He shall make proposals for educative and entertainment with approval by the SRC

c)      He shall be responsible for the formation of the SRC Week Planning Committee and serve as Chairman.

d)     When school is in session, all letters for the use of the assembly shall for purposes of entertainment by individuals, groups and associations shall be directed through the office of the Entertainment Chairman for approval by the Registrar.

x.                  GAMES AND SPORTS SECRETARY:

a)      He shall be the sole officer in charge of sports

b)      He shall in conjunction with the Entertainment Secretary organize sports activities during the SRC Week.

c)      He shall be the SRC representative on the Sports Union, and Liaise between the Sports Union and the SRC


i.                    He shall liaise between the SRC and other legitimate student bodies and organizations on matters of national interest, and on any matters that affect students locally or internationally.

ii.                  He shall perform any duties assigned to him by the SRC

iii.                He shall in conjunction with the Central Committee represent the student body at PUSAG programmes and activities including conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars.


a)      He shall be elected by students of each school as its representative on the SRC

b)      He shall serve as the mouthpiece of the students in the department of the School at SRC meetings.

c)      He shall coordinate all activities of the various departments of the Schools, and report on them to the SRC as necessary

d)     He shall perform other duties assigned to him by the students of the School or the SRC

xiii.            HOSTEL PRESIDENT:

a)      He shall be responsible for the promotion of the welfare and interest of members of his hostel.

b)      He shall convey the views and opinions of members of the hostel to the SRC for necessary actions.

c)      He shall serve as a link between his hostel and the SRC

d)     Where he cannot attend SRC meetings, the Hall Secretary shall represent him.


The following shall apply to all SRC sponsored elections:

i.                    A simple majority is required to win an election

ii.                  Candidates who stand unopposed shall require at least 50% of the total votes cast to win

iii.                In case of a tie, fresh elections shall be held for the first two candidates with the highest votes within seven days.

iv.                Any student found guilty of election malpractices shall be disqualified, and may face additional sanctions.

v.                  No student shall be eligible to contest an election to any position under this Constitution if he has once been voted out of office for a proven misconduct as specified under the Statues and the Student Handbook of the institution

vi.                A student found guilty of any acts of indiscipline or misconduct under the Rules Regulations for Students of the College shall be disqualified from contesting an election under this Constitution

vii.              The Electoral Commissioner (independent of the SRC) shall be empowered to formulate other rules that are deemed necessary to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

viii.            Any student who wishes to stand and contest an election for any position under this Constitution shall submit himself to the Electoral Commissioner for the thorough screening in accordance with this Constitution.

ix.                Electoral disputes that are not satisfactorily resolved by the Electoral Commission procedures shall be referred to the Judicial Committee, which shall deal with it in three days.

x.                  All offices shall be held for one academic year

xi.                All contestants must be doing at least a two-semester program

xii.              No contestant must be in the final year

xiii.            Any other officers shall be selected by at least 50% of all SRC members by a secret ballot.


i.                    Any Executive Officer shall communicate his resignation to the Central Committee in writing seven days before the day of the resignation.

ii.                  Any officer relinquishing his post shall hand over all documents and property of the SRC to the Central Committee



i.                    Any officer may be suspended from office for proven case of misconduct for not more than four weeks by a vote of 50% of the entire members of the Central Committee

ii.                  Any member may be suspended for not more than four weeks by a simple majority

iii.                Any member of the SRC may be impeached or removed from office for serious offices as specified in the Statutes and the Student Handbook.


i.                    With prior written permission by the Principal or in his absence the Registrar, the SRC shall, at anytime the need arises, convene a forum/general meeting of the student body at a designated place on campus for the sole purpose of discussing matters that affect the general welfare of the student body.

ii.                  A simple majority shall determine decisions at SRC forums/general meetings. Matters of impeachment shall not form such forums, such matters being the proper domain for the Judicial Committee

iii.                Constitution review shall be held when the need arises (subject to discussions at the forum).

iv.                One third (1/3) of the members of the student body shall form a decision making quorum


i.                    The SRC shall have the power to create Standing Committees to consider any matter in pursuance of its aim

ii.                  The Chairpersons of all such Committees shall be on probation for three weeks after which they will be introduced to the entire student body

iii.                The quorum of Standing Committees shall be one half of the membership

iv.                The Chairman of all such Committees shall submit an annual report to the SRC

v.                  The tenure of Standing Committees shall be the same as the tenure of the SRC


i.                    CENTRAL COMMITTEES:


The Central Committee shall comprise of the following:

a)      President

b)      Vice –President

c)      General Secretary

d)     Treasurer

e)      Local PUSAG/USAG?NUGS Representative

f)       Women’s Commissioner

g)      Welfare Officer

h)      Publicity Officer

i)        Entertainment

j)        Hostel Presidents

k)      Games and Sports Secretary

l)        School/Faculty Representative Functions:

a)      It shall be the policy initiation body, and shall see to the implementation of SRC policies.

b)      It shall have the power to take decisions, in case of emergency, on behalf of the SRC

c)      Decisions of the Central Committee shall be by consensus

d)     Where consensus is not reached, decisions shall be taken by vote of members presents. In case of a tie, the President shall have a casting vote.

ii.                  ELECTORAL COMMISSION:


The Commission shall consist of:

i.                    The Chairman shall be nominated by the SRC President and approved by the Central Committee

ii.                  Two (2) representatives from each hall or hostel recognized by the institution.

iii.                Four (4) members appointed by the SRC with at least one from each School of which not more one (1) shall be a resident student.

iv.                Two (2) lecturers to assist as observers during screening and elections.


The electoral commission shall be in charge of the conduct of all SRC elections.

iii.                TRANSPORT COMMITTEE:


The Transport Committee shall comprise of a representative each from the various Schools/Faculties and the following persons:

a)      The University Transport Officer

b)      The University Chief Driver


a)      To supervise the purchase or sale of SRC vehicles with the approval of the SRC

b)      To formulate policies or make rules for the smooth operation of all SRC vehicles

c)      To employ drivers and other staff for the operation of SRC vehicles with the approval of SRC

d)     To liaise with the SRC and the University Transport Committee

e)      To ensure that no school or society is deprived of the services of available SRC vehicles.

iv.                BUSINESS COMMITTEE:


The Committee shall consist of the following members:

a)      SRC President

b)      Vice-President

c)      Financial Secretary

d)     General Secretary

e)      Publicity Officer

f)       Finance Officer of the University


a)      The Committee shall see to the day-to day running of all SRC businesses and report to the SRC every two (2) months on the state of the businesses.

b)      The Committee shall be responsible for the employment, conditions of service and discipline of the staff with the approval of the Central Committee

v.                  ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE:


a)      It shall consist of the entertainment representatives of all the Halls/hostels of residence recognized by the institution

b)      The Chairman shall be elected from among members of the Committee.


a)      The Committee shall be responsible for the organization of all entertainment activities sponsored by the SRC

b)      The Committee shall co-ordinate the entertainment activities of all the various halls, clubs and societies recognized by the institution.

c)      It shall also make proposals for educative and entertainment programs that shall benefit the student body.

vi.                WELFARE COMMITTEE:


a)      It shall be composed of representatives each from the various halls and hostels recognized by the institutions.

b)      The Chairman shall be elected from among members of the Committee

c)      The Chairman shall represent the committee on the SRC.


The Committee shall consider matters relating to student Welfare including hostel, financial, utility, and transportation problems, and report its finding to the SRC for the necessary measures to be put place.

vii.              SPORTS COMMITTEE:


a)      Membership shall comprise of all sports representatives from the various recognized halls and hostels.

b)      One of them shall be elected as Chairman, who shall represent the Committee on SRC – sponsored sporting activities within and outside the University College.


The Committee shall be responsible for organizing all sports and games involving students of recognized clubs and societies and hostels, and between students of the University College and other tertiary institutions.



a)      The Finance Officer-Chairman

b)      The Treasurer – Member

c)      The General Secretary Member

d)     Two other members elected by the SRC including a female student.

The Committee shall receive and thoroughly review proposals for purchases made by the Treasurer before they are made. E. g. examines products or materials proposed to be purchased by the SRC to ensure value for money.





The Editorial Board shall comprise of eight members:

a)      The Publicity Officer, who shall be the Editor –in-chief

b)      Two (2) members of the staff with the Public Relations Officer of the University College as advisors.

c)      Five (5) other members appointed by the SRC


The Board shall be responsible for the publication of all SRC-sponsored publications such as newsletters and magazines.


There shall be a Judicial Board with members appointed by the SRC President.

The Judicial board shall be made up of;

                   I.            A chief justice

                II.            A deputy chief justice

             III.            Three other justices.

a.       The chief justice shall be the Head of the judicial board and shall chair all proceedings of the Board.

b.      The deputy chief justice shall chair proceedings of the Judicial Board in the absence of the Chief Justice.

c.       Members of the Judicial Board shall be persons of high moral character and proven integrity.

d.      In proven cases of misdemeanor by a member of the Judicial Board, the other members of the Judicial Board shall constitute a hearing against that member and institute disciplinary actions against that member.

e.       The chief justice shall be responsible for the administration and supervision of the Judiciary.

f.       The Board shall stand dissolved after handing over.

g.      The Judicial Board shall have jurisdiction on:

                               I.            All matters relating to the enforcement or interpretation of this constitution.

                            II.            All matters arising as to whether a resolution was made on an issue, or an officer has acted in excess of the powers conferred on him by this constitution.

                         III.            All matters relating to elections under this constitution.

                         IV.            Impeachment proceedings against an elected executive officer.

                            V.            Conflict or dispute involving individual students and /or group(s) of students such as recognized Halls or Hostels of residence, clubs, societies and Associations.

                         VI.            Do such things as shall be reasonably necessary including the issuing of prerogative writs or others such as mandamus, certiorari and prohibition.

                      VII.            Prescribe appropriate punishment to guilty students or group of students; having regard for the provisions of this constitution provided such punishments can be enforced by the SRC as the case may be. The Board may however recommend through the SRC to the appropriate authority of the University for the Implementation of a ruling where necessary.

                   VIII.            The power to rule on matters on which this constitution shall be silent or ambiguous. Such ruling shall be expressed in precise terms and shall constitute a precedent and/or persuasive influence within the SRC until it is revoked subsequently.

Without prejudice to any provision of this constitution, the decisions of the Judicial Board on matters of interpretation and enforcement of this constitution shall be final and conclusive. These decisions shall be binding on all individual members and bodies of the SRC.

For the purpose of deciding on cases brought before it, the Judicial Board shall grant hearing, either openly or in private to all parties involved in a case after which the Board shall give its written reasons for its decisions copied to all parties involved in the case with copies displayed on the student’s notice boards.

Three members of the Judicial Board including the Chief Justice or in his absence the deputy Chief Justice shall constitute a quorum for hearing of all cases. The decision of a properly constituted sitting of the board shall be by simple majority.


The Chief Justice and his fellow Justices, any Judicial Officer, as well as persons serving on an ad-hoc committee established by the Judicial Board shall before beginning to perform their duties, take and subscribe to the Oath of Allegiance and the Judicial Oath.

Functions of the Judicial Board shall include;

       I.            Propose for the consideration of SRC, judicial reforms to improve the level of administration of justice and efficiency in the judiciary.

    II.            Receive petitions from students, group of students on any matter pertaining to the interpretation of this constitution and issues of conflict.

 III.            Be responsible for all forms of discipline on the SRC and the student’s body.

 IV.            Have the right to summon any student, group of students or any member or officer of the SRC to appear before it to give evidence or a statement on any issue.

    V.            Establish such ad-hoc committee(s) it considers necessary to which it shall refer matters relating to the Judiciary.

 VI.            Give advisory opinions to the Executive Board, the Electoral College or other Boards of the SRC on any legal issue.

VII.            Make the constitution accessible to all students and to such departments as the school libraries and office of the Dean of Students.


a.       A party to a case may appeal the decision(s) of the Judicial Board within 72 hours after declaration of its ruling. This appeal shall be served in petition to the Judicial Board.

b.      An appeal may be filed if fresh evidences or line of debates has been found to a case earlier determined by the Judicial Board.

c.       On losing the appeal, the appellant shall be made to pay the sum of all expenses made by the SRC on the appeal in addition to upholding the earlier ruling of the Judicial Board.


The Board shall audit the semester accounts of the SRC and that of all public offices of the SRC including Committees and Boards and report its findings to the student body.

The Board shall consist of;

       I.            A chairperson

    II.            A vice chairperson

 III.            A secretary

 IV.            Four other members

As much as possible, members of the Audit Board shall comprise students with academic backgrounds in finance and accounting.

The committee and its members mush exhibit a high level of professionalism in the performance of their duties.

In the performance of its functions, the Audit Board shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority unless otherwise provided in this constitution

The chairperson of the Audit board or any person authorized or appointed for the purpose of the Audit board shall publish Audited statements of accounts of the SRC for every semester.

The audited statement is deemed published when signed and pasted on the students notices board prior to its debate by the student body.

The audit board shall have access to all books, records, returns and other documents relating to financial transactions or that may be relevant to the SRC accounts.

The audit board shall have power to subpoena any person including members of the executive board through the judicial board to appear before it.

The chairperson of the audit board shall at the first general assembly of each semester, submit audited reports of the previous semester and shall draw attention to any irregularities in the accounts audited and to any other matter which in his opinion ought to be brought to the notices of the student body.

The student body shall debate the report of the Audit board and where necessary, refer it to an appropriate body to deal with any matter(s) arising from it.



i.                    The SRC shall exercise jurisdiction over clubs, societies and organizations that are registered by the University College authorities under conditions prescribed in the Student Handbook.

ii.                  All new clubs or organizations shall be required to submit through the SRC an application, accompanied by three copies of its Constitution, to the Registrar for his approval and registration.

iii.                All registered clubs and societies shall submit a copy of their Constitution to the Judicial Committee to ensure they conform to the relevant provisions in the Student Handbook.

iv.                Students belonging to a political party or a wing of a political party shall not be allowed to organize political rallies on campus.

v.                  For the purpose of co-ordination, club activities opened to the general student body or the public shall be submitted through the SRC for approval by the Registrar

vi.                All registered clubs, societies or organizations shall have equal rights in the use of University College facilities.

vii.              Application for the use of such facilities shall be routed through the SRC Secretary or Publicity Officer within out less than fourteen (14) days to the Registrar for approval.

viii.            Such applications shall be forwarded to the Registrar/Dean of Students for his written approval prior to the event.

ix.                Societies and clubs shall operate within the provisions of this Constitution and the general University College regulations as provided in the Student handbook.


i.                    All students of the University College shall pay a prescribed annual fee into the SRC coffers.

ii.                  The SRC shall open a savings and current accounts with a recognized bank where all monies of the council, except the amount for petty cash, shall be kept.

iii.                The bulk of the amount shall be deposited in the savings account to be transferred, as and when the need arises, into the current account.

iv.                An audit team, comprised of SRC and Administration representatives, shall audit the accounts of the SRC at the end of every semester and shall lay the Auditor’s report before the Council for consideration and appropriate action.

v.                  The SRC shall submit the audit report together with its comments through the Dean of Students to the Registrar for the consideration and appropriate actions of the Administration.

vi.                The SRC shall publish the accounts and reports of the auditors on students on student notice boards for the information of the general student body within eight days from the beginning of the next semester.

vii.              The disbursement of SRC funds shall be limited to:

a)      Provision for activities and functions provided for in the SRC budget

b)      Administrative expenditures in the approved SRC budget

viii.            Signatories:

There shall be three signatories comprising of the Finance Officer plus any two of the Financial Officer plus any two of the following: the SRC President, the Financial Secretary and the General Secretary.





i.                    The vacation residence fees and cost of meals of the SRC Executive or any other student on SRC assignment shall be paid out of the SRC funds at rates approved by the SRC, provided the permission to stay has been granted in writing by the Principal or, in his absence, by the Registrar or Dean of Students.


i.                    Certificates of Office shall be presented to SRC officers on the day of handing over to their successors. Copies will be displayed at the SRC office for at least one academic year

A certificate of membership shall be presented to each members of the SRC at the end of his term of office.


i.                    The SRC shall have an insignia, which shall be kept at the SRC office under the custody of the General Secretary

ii.                  The Judicial Committee shall have an insignia, which shall be kept at the SRC office under the custody of the Chairman, and shall be used at the Committee’s sittings.


i.                    The SRC shall within the scope of its authority under the Constitution make by-laws relating to matters under its control and powers.

ii.                  All such by-laws shall be in writing and shall be subject to the approval of the Judicial Committee and shall come into force when signed by the President of the SRC.







i.                    He, His, Chairman as used in this Constitution shall refer to any student, Male or Female.

ii.                  School as used in this constitution shall refer to school or faculty made up of academic departments.

iii.                General Council a s used in this Constitution shall refer to all Class Secretaries and Presidents of academic programmes and associations duly registered

iv.                The Judicial Committee shall have the power to rule on matters on which the Constitution is silent and ambiguous and such rulings shall be expressed in precise terms and shall, subject to approval, become binding on the SRC or the general student body until amended in accordance with article sixteen of the constitution.


i.                    Any notice for a revision of amendment of any provisions of this Constitution shall be made to the Judicial Committee and published to students.

ii.                  In case of a total review, a Constitutional Review Committee shall be set up by the SRC to collate the view of students.

iii.                Notice for the review or amendment of any student in writing and submitted to the Judicial Committee.

iv.                Any notice for amendment of any provision of the Constitution by an individual or group of student shall be supported by at least forty students from each School whose signatures shall be appended to the said notice.

v.                  The Judicial Committee shall sit within fourteen days of the receipt of any valid notice for amendment or revision.

vi.                Any meeting convened by the Schools for the purpose of a amending the Constitution under this article shall be decided by two thirds of the entire student body of each school by secret ballot. Each school shall have only one vote.

vii.              All amendments and revisions shall be subject to the approval of the Residence Committee of the Academic Board.



1.      Standing Orders for Voting at SRC Meetings:

i.                    Voting shall be by accredited members only. Each member shall be entitled to one vote.

ii.                  Voting shall be by show of hands or as determined by the Chairman unless otherwise stated in the Constitution.

iii.                Voting privileges shall include the right of members to make or second motions

iv.                Voting on motions shall be carried by a simple majority, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution or standing orders

v.                  The casting of vote shall take the form of “for”, against and “abstention”.

vi.                In case of a tie, the Chairman shall exercise a casting vote. Members abstaining shall be considered as non-voting.

2.      Rules Governing General Elections:

i.                    Any student who intends to contest the election for any of the positions advertised shall make available two recent passport-size photographs of himself accompanied with duly completed nomination forms to the Electoral Commissioner not later than the specified date.

ii.                  A candidate shall be allowed a maximum number of two posters per hostel and the rest at vantage points selected by the Electoral Commissioner.

iii.                The size of a poster may not exceed an A-3 sheet.

iv.                Only masking tape (no other adhesive) should be used in pasting posters at designated places. Posting postures on walls and pillars with adhesive materials is prohibited.

v.                  All proven acts of intimidation or financial or material inducement likely to influence voters or undermine free and fair elections constitute an offence.

vi.                Where it is sufficiently proved that a candidate or any person acting on his behalf is involved in any of the aforementioned offence(s), the number of votes cast for the candidate shall be declared null and void

vii.              Any electorate shall be allowed to vote upon producing his genuine GCUC student photo identification card to the officer in charge of the polling station.

viii.            With respect to voting by proxy an official letter signed by the said student with an attached ID card must reach the Electoral Commission within 24 hours before the voting time.

ix.                The Electoral Commission shall have the right to disallow any questions posed to a contestant during the course of screening if in his opinion such questions are not relevant.

x.                  The Screening Committee shall have the right to recommend or not to recommend any candidate to contest in an election.

xi.                The Screening Committee shall offer reasons for not recommending any candidate to contest an election.

xii.              The aggrieved candidate(s) shall have the right of appeal before the Judicial Committee.

xiii.            The electoral results of the election can be challenged within 72 hours after they have been made public to he general student in Judicial Committee after 72 hours no complaints shall be entertained, and the results shall be declared as final by the Electoral Commission.

xiv.            Candidates wishing to present Polling Agents at the various polling stations on the day of voting should furnish the Commission with names and particulars of such representatives not later than 24 hours before voting.

xv.              Any student(s) who break(s) any of these standing rules shall be sanctioned. Such sanctions may include disqualification by the Electoral Commissioner.

3.      Indemnity:

Workers and officers of SRC shall be indemnified out of the assets and funds for the SRC against any legal or liabilities as many be may incurred in a legitimate execution of those duties as assigned them under this Constitution.


Congratulations to our super GCUC team for winning the just ended UNSAG( University Nursing Students Association of Ghana) quiz competition.

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Madam President, the Registrar, the Electoral Chair, the Dean of Students, members of the teaching and non teaching staff, outgoing and incoming SRC executives, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen.

On this glorious day, I Chioma Shallom Ndu was sworn in as the first female SRC President of Garden City University College. This is indeed an historic moment for our university and I am glad we all have finally seen this day.